Chinese friends,do we have to be good at Mandarin(putonghua)?~~

@zhpshql (695)
May 28, 2008 3:50am CST
Hello, everyone recently, I took a text,the Chinese Mandarin Grade Text, well, this was the secondtime I took it,as the first time I couldn't pass it, I got 85 points, but in my school, they required us that we should at least getting 87points. Oh, I have serious dialect, it's imposible for me to pass it,are we necessary to pass the text? Or must we speak a good Mandarin, we can comunicate,that's Ok, isn't it?
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• Malaysia
30 May 08
I think we should at least know to speak and can understand Mandarin, although it's not our original language, but it is official language among all dialect. Beside, are you Cantonese?
@zhpshql (695)
• China
31 May 08
Hi, I 've never heard Cantonese, now I get it, oh, Guangzhou has her owm name,it's great. But I'm not Cantonese, the others can understand me, and of course I can understand what they say,my Mandarin kis not that bad~~ Thank you for your post~~~
• China
14 Jun 08
Mandarin is indeed a language hard to learn.As a chinese student,we have to learn our native language since our birth until nearly seventeen years old.Admire your spirit of learning,hope you can use a fluent Mandarin to communicate with all chinese!!
@youless (94715)
• Guangzhou, China
30 May 08
Of course Mandarin is the most important language and it's also the official language in China. Although I speak in Cantonese in usual, but I think it's still a dialect only. Perhaps only Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau people speak it. However, if you know Mandarin, you can go all over China. I love China
• China
28 May 08
My Mandarin isn't well ,but I have never difficult comunicated with my classmate,he comes from beijing . I think we needn't have to master Mandarin very well as a ordinary people unless you want to be an announcer.