White House Press Secretary Scott Mccelellan Slams the Bush Adminstration

United States
May 28, 2008 5:29am CST
Former White House Press Secretary bashes the Bush adminstation from the war in Iraq to the hanldling of Hurricane Katrina. Scott Mccelellan says that the President mislead the nation on the run up to Iraq War. If the President misled the nation why didn't Mcclellan resign from office and tell the American people that we were being hoodwinked by the Bush adminstration. I personally, think that this clown Scott Mcclellen is tring to be on the right side of history and say that he had nothing to do with the Bush adminstraion or it's policies.
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@tigertang (1750)
• Singapore
28 May 08
Well, I don't think the Bush Administration would actually get high marks for honesty. This is an administration that has fabricated evidence to lead the nation into a anti-semitic war that had strategic value to the USA and has made it a point of blamming everyone else for their own incompetence. So, I don't think Mccelellan is saying anything new, merely confirming what the rest of us should have known a long, long time ago. Having said all of the above, this does sound like a disgruntled employee trying to hit out at his ex-boss. I mean, as you have said, if he was a truely ethical man, he would have resigned much, much earlier and taken what he knew to the courts and Congress. Instead, I think he was a bit too comfortable where he was but decided to resign when things didn't go his way. Definately not an honourable character.
@anniepa (27238)
• United States
28 May 08
Well, this "clown" was part of Bush's Texas team that he brought with him to Washington D.C. so it's too late for him to claim he had nothing to do with the Administration or its policies. I agree, I wish he'd have resigned and told us the truth years ago instead of waiting until now to put it in a book but that doesn't mean I think he's lying now. The only thing I wonder about now is did he know he was lying when he gave those press briefings every day or did he really, as he claims, think he was telling the truth back then. Are you saying you don't think Bush did mislead the nation and that you think McClellan is lying now? Annie