Green energy, the hows and how nots

United States
May 28, 2008 8:24pm CST
Ok so I have recently become interested in Green energy. For those who don't know what that is, Green energy is energy that is collected from natural means, such as solar, wind, geothermal and things like that which are renewable. I have several questions and was hoping that I would find someone who was already doing some of these things and could give me answers. First things first, I live in the US so info in the US would be the most helpful on something having to do with taxes and the such, but input from anywhere would be cool. 1. If you purchase green energy credits from your electric company is there any form of tax credit or deduction that you can claim at the end of year? 2. Are green energy credits more expensive than normal credits or are they about the same? 3. If they are more expensive, by about how much? 4. If I was to install or build a windmill or some form of solar energy panel, about how much do they cost? 5. Are they hard to maintain and get installed? 6. Does anybody know the energy outputs of solar panels and windmills? on average of course because different sizes will mean different energy outputs. 7. Is there any well known place to acquire the materials needed? 8. And finally has it turned out to be worthwhile to invest in this type of energy? I am really interested in doing a major remodel on my house to incorporate some of these green energy machines or purchasing green energy credits. Thanks in advance Allen
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• Philippines
29 May 08
ive seen that topic in discovery channel. i think its called planet...maybe you could try to search at it.that would be very beneficial...