Who do you think will be succesful from this seasons American Idol?

United States
May 28, 2008 10:05pm CST
Who do you think will be succesful from this season's American Idol? I see David Cook selling a lot, not just because he's a great singer but he has a great style & know's how to articulate himself. I see David Archuleta selling very little as he seems fake to me, other then all the kiddie fans he probably has, he probably wont make much elsewhere. As for the rest, I see Shyesha Mercado, Brooke White, Carly Smithson, and Micheal Johns definitely going to be making some decent sales. As for the rest, it's a gamble. Jason Castro maybe if he picks up his game a bit and takes things more seriously. Kristy Lee Cook if she adds more originality to her singing, and Ramiele Malubay if she finds the right place! What about you, who dyou think will be succesful after this seasons American Idol?
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@marcelinx (115)
• Brazil
1 Jun 08
I agree with you as to David Cook being successful, I think he has a style of singing people enjoy. David Archuleta won't make any success, for me, because he's not a "sellable" artist, his voice is rather weird and he's an awful performer (1. dancing while singing, 2. hunchback). But what counts most is that you won't listen to David Archuleta singing a ballad on the radio. Carly Smithson... I think she puts anger in everything she sings, and she screams a lot. Don't think she'll go somewhere. Michael Johns, Kristy Lee Cook and Brooke White - I think - will only make success in their specific niches. If Syesha Mercado does a Rihanna-like album, I think she can make huge success with it. I hate Jason Castro, but there are, unexpectedly, lots of people who like him, so I can't predict whether he'll make success or not.
@phoenix25 (1543)
• United States
29 May 08
I really liked Carly Smithson and Michael Johns from the beginning. I pretty much gave up on American Idol when they were voted off. It's just a big popularity contest. Talent doesn't really get you very far in the show. I am glad that David Cook won instead of Archuleta because Archuleta always seemed like a big phony who was only big with the teeny-boppers. I don't see David Archuleta going on to sell a lot of records among adults. Cook, on the other hand, does have a chance to make it big if he plays his cards right.
• Indonesia
29 May 08
why everyone keeps saying bad thing about david a?? poor little david... personally i like both davids and michael john and i believe they would do great in music industry.