Favorite Quotes.

@DuDaDs (88)
New Zealand
May 29, 2008 5:12am CST
What are your favorite quotes? Who said it or where did you first read it? My one is "I cannot know where I most wish to be because I have not seen all that there is." It is from a character named Jarlaxle in of RA Salvatore's books.
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@dodoguy (1297)
• Australia
29 May 08
Hi DuDaDs, Here's a couple of good ones - 1. If in doubt, throw it out. 2. The best way to learn is through pain. They're originals. Here's another one I like (author unknown) - 3. Whenever I go searching for something, I always find it in the last place that I look. And finally, a really abstract quote from Jimeown - 4. No matter where you go, there you are.
@DuDaDs (88)
• New Zealand
29 May 08
hahahahaha very nice very nice!!! I keep a list of all the good quotes I read or hear about. I'm sure I'll put yours in. :) Thank you very much! Hopefully more people will post more comments.
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