What is "TAG"??

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May 29, 2008 5:38am CST
We use to put Tag for all our discussions and the response for all the postings in mylot. but what it mean? what is the real purpose of the Tag in mylot.. Is this used for filtering all our discussions and the responses, if you need to know one type of discussion,if you put the tag and able to search and get the results?? is this possible in mylot? For this purpose are we put the Tag for every discussions?? Is there any other purpose is there for putting the Tag?? whether the Tag is very important in mylot?? If we forget to put the Tag, whether we loss anything in mylot?? Give me more explanation what ever you know.. please..
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• India
7 Jun 08
tags are required so that someone can search for your post by typing in the keywords you submit as tags. It means that your post will be displayed in the search results whenever someone searches for any of the tags.
@subha12 (18453)
• India
29 May 08
tag is something taht is life headline otr a pointer. its used to open and search a discussion better. may be its used in sens eto categorize the discussion.
@Ldyjarhead (10157)
• United States
29 May 08
Putting a tag (another word for 'keyword') is a tool to help you or others find like discussions quickly. You don't lose points by not putting them, but they can be very helpful. If I was looking for some information about lilac bushes, I might find something useful here on myLot that someone has already said. I could put 'lilac' in the search box and find all sorts of things.