Is cranial osteopathy magic?

@liquorice (3901)
May 29, 2008 7:49am CST
After thinking about it for a while and hearing good things from friends I finally decided to take my daughter (aged 2) to see a cranial osteopath as she was waking up a few times every night and it was getting really tiring. Cranial osteapaths claim to be able to help with many childhood and baby problems, including problems with sleeping and feeding. Well I was a bit dubious about it, and some of my family members thought it was just plain gobbledeegook! But we went along anyway and at first my daughter didn't like the lady prodding her, and wasn't very happy, but when she let her jump on her therapy couch she decided she was a nice lady after all . Well, the osteopath lady managed to carry on the treatment while my daughter was jumping, marching round the room and playing with toys, which was quite an achievement really. The therapy itself was the gentle pressing of certain points, apparently to regulate spinal fluid. Well, after one treatment nothing happened so my dubiousness increased. However, a few days after the second treatment, she slept through!!!! Thinking that it must be a coincidence we waited a while before sighing with relief.... And then she slept through again!!!!! And she has done nearly every night for the last month or so since the treatment. She goes back to waking up when she's not well, but on a normal night she has a really good sleep and so do we!!! Have you or your children experienced this therapy? What happened? Do you believe it works, or was it just a fluke (or magic)?!
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