do you think you have obsessive compulsive disorder?

May 29, 2008 10:10am CST
OCD is an anxiety disorder caused by serotonin imbalance. Living with OCD can be very hard. COmpulsions often take up lots of time and energy, making it hard to finish homework, do chores and have about you, do you have OCD?
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@mrdos910 (455)
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9 Mar 09
I am pretty sure I have at least some of the OCD symptoms, yet I have not formally been diagnosed with it my a professional.
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29 May 08
I don't but the doctor's claim that my son who is 9 does along w/ Rad. ( reattachment disorder ). These two are very scary knowing he has this and has to take medication for it. My son lives with his father and step mother and they have seen some pretty scary things out of him where he had to be hospitalized for a week at a time. They have gotten it under control where he dosn't spaz so much anymore and most of it was towards his step mother. He had a really hard time w/ school work finishing any of it, doing simple things when told to do so, feelings of everyone hateing him, getting close to anyone, ect. I just thank god that the doctor and the psycologist he has now has come up with a solution to keep him under control for I was scared for him for the longest time hearing about all this from his father. He seems to be happier now and is doing better in school and all so I keep my fingers crossed in hopes that he continues doing good. I pray for him every day that god will help him in his actions and to let him feel loved and not that everyone is out to get or hate him for noone's not he mentally just thinks this and it's because of these two medical conditions he feels this way. They haven't found a cure for rad yet but the ocd they have which he takes meds for. All you can do is give these people extra tender loveing care helping them more than you would w/ a person that can do it w/ no problem and hope they improve.