What R U Here For.....!!

@nupats (3564)
May 29, 2008 12:24pm CST
i m new here and i kinda like it ...it is a solid timepass as well as educative abt lot many things happening..it has broadened my thinking and changed my view points abt a lot of things...wud u b here if mylot wud not have been paying? i wud i think for me money is just not an issue i earn 500$ sitting at home frm my profession Chartered Accountant...which when converted to Indian rupee is BIG money.....i love being here and interacting bcoz i get bored doing the same job everyday this is very intresting so many different discussions and topics..i am here coz i love Mylot and all the amazing ppl out here...this keeps moving...it is GRT....why r u here? pls share ur experiences at mylot..
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