How would you interpret the song crimson and clover?

crimson and clover - some flowers
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May 29, 2008 3:05pm CST
How would you interpret the song crimson and clover? This has always been a favorite song of mine . It reminds me of being a teen and having a crush . Getting all those sweet feelings for the first time. Kind of like thinking about that person over and over . I heard it is about a couple who are about to go all the way.She always is stopping him and then saying go. Red being stop, Green being go . Most people think it is about: making love or being high . What do you think? Might not even have a meaning . I know we all must think of something . It kinda does sound like a hippie song;) Ah, I don't hardly know her. But I think I could love her. Crimson and clover. Ah, when will she come walking over? I've been waiting to show her Crimson and clover. Over and over. Ah, my mind's such a sweet thing. I want to do everything. What a beautiful feeling. Crimson and clover. Over and over. Crimson and clover, over and over, Crimson and clover, over and over...
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27 Jan 09
What I know about it, I think it is about seeing someone who gives you that, WOW, look at that person feeling. And, you don't know what to do; talk to them or just admire from afar. Sort of like, when I first seen my guy. I did not know what to do! What would I say? Is he with someone? Will he like me? Then, when he started talking to me, I just joked around like I always do! He likes that about me! So, next thing you know; we are together and happy! Like Crimson and clover we are now happy over and over!!!
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27 Feb 09
I like what you wrote ;) and I know all about the wow someone can give you , and yes sometimes it is from afar . I think always eyes tell a lot about what a person feels . All those q's just floating around !
@surfrider (115)
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2 Oct 08
I don't know what this song actually means but I always thought it was about a guy with a crush on this girl and since he don't hardly know her, perhaps he is just calling her Crimson and Clover because of the colours she was wearing. Like something to refer to her by, like the playful way I used to refer to cute boys I would pass by in the halls at school (leather coat guy, mr. angel hair, Mr. Freckles, etc.)
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9 Oct 08
cool ! i like the respond . back in high school i used to think of it as a crush and being shy .