Best built-in sound in a laptop?

@skaterx (530)
May 29, 2008 4:01pm CST
Hi, What is generally the best sound card that comes in a laptop already, what models? I mean for average priced laptops, maybe $900US or less. And also, best microphone? or are they almost all the same (also i know built in mics aren't usually that great because i can hear some of the static from the laptop, but i think ive had a laptop mic once where it didnt pick up much static :O) Thanks!
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@smacksman (6074)
29 May 08
The sound is usually part of the motherboard chipset and not on a card. Laptops have pretty crude speakers and mikes so are not really the machines to expect much quality from. A bit like the rubbish speakers in monitors - they are too small. If you are really into sound then you need a pc designed for it from the ground up and speakers of a decent size and power. You can get away with a cheaper graphics card and use the money for a good sound card with a front panel input/output jacks and decent speakers. Sound in a laptop will always be crap by comparison.
@skaterx (530)
• Finland
30 May 08
Thanks for the tip :). I guess i won't have to look into what sound is on laptop, it should be about the same then.