Oh my! I never thought I'd. . . . .

@mimm45 (168)
May 29, 2008 4:45pm CST
do it but I did. I forgot our wedding anniversary. And we've only been married 2 years! How can I be so bad?! It was our civil registry wedding (we also have a church weddign) and though I remember the date I just wasn't thinking and didn't even connect the date with our anniversary. It was my father-in-law who reminded us. They even got us a gift. They always say that women always remember dates and men are bad at them. But here I am doing the very thing that they do. Unforgivable. It must be the baby. lol Every day of the week is all about the baby. And on this date our baby is already 3 months old. So I was thinking about that. Ladies (and gentlement too) have you ever done this?
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@naseeha (1385)
• India
29 May 08
Lol it happens you know especially when you are having your little baby. they take up most of your time and your mental space. So other things fade out. Its quite understandable. Maybe next year you will remember lol.
@allen0187 (33908)
• Philippines
29 May 08
hi mimm. don't sweat it. you go a lot going in your head and of course, the baby is priority. it sounds like your partner didn't made a big fuzz about it so why should you? this weekend take some extra time preparing a wonderful dinner and spending more quality time with your partner and i'm sure everything will work out fine.
@minnie_98214 (10573)
• United States
29 May 08
Oh i am so bad at remebering dates and I cant blame the baby as Ive had this problem for many years. Thankfully I cant forget my anniversaty as It is July 23rd and my birthday is July 22nd and hubbys is July 24th and yes we did that on purpose lol.