Do YOu Realllyy Know WHO your FRIENDS ARE?

United States
May 29, 2008 10:31pm CST
hello there everyone..Tis time for me to has been building up for some time..well since i got really deathly sick..and almost died in the end of April due to my home nurse over dosing me..Soo i gots to thinking..this time everyone knew how serious the matter son found me almost dead..hes 5 btw..and they life starred me..(helicopter) to another hospital because ours wasnt qualified to care for me..NICE RIGHT? anyways..i stayed in there for over a week..and the only person that came to see me was my fionce' Bobby..and i know..i really do people have lives and need to work and all that..BUT..if they were truley my friends..dont u think they would have called me to make sure i was ok or that i wasnt goin to die? Nope..not one..and no they never called and asked Bobby either./MY BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WOLRD..i watch her kids when she works even when i was soo sick..and feelin like i was gonna drop anytime..i still made sure her kids were cared for..ALWAYS!!! and then NOT EVEN HER..who has long distance on her phone..though it wouldnt have been if she called..then i was talkiun to her today..and said i dont know what i would have done without him..that if i was..that is IF God was going to take me..which me did and sent me back if u read my other posts..that i wouldnt have died alone..and she says..just because i wasnt there or called didnt mean u were alone..UMM YEAAA IT DOES..i cried myself to sleep the whole time there..praying for him not to take me..but im not just blamin her..its all of them..i am hurt..and im getting over it..slowly but surley lol..but then i was thinkign just now..I really truely now know who are my friends..true friends and not ones thats use you..or come or call..when its there convienince..soo now i ask u really know who your true friends are?
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@saverio (402)
• India
30 May 08
Naturally true friends come to your aid during your need.But one has to see whether one has helped his/her friends during their needs.Only then is the friendship valid.As said famously...."A FRIEND IN-DEED IS A FRIEND IN NEED"
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• United States
30 May 08
See thas the thing..if they were my friends..they would have been there for me..especially when they knew i was dying..and may not ever see me again..i have always been there for every single friend i have..and i love them like family..but when i needed them the most..the deserted me..and that kills my heart..thanks for posting and have a good night!April
@winterose (39917)
• Canada
5 Jun 08
oh hon, I am so so so sorry, that is an awful thing to go through alone like that. Yes friends, are not always good friends, I have learned myself to distinguish the difference, friends are their when they need you, good friends are their when you need them.
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