TIME TRAVEL..Possible?? If So What do YOu think Will Happen?????

Skylar - He loves to help mommy clean!
United States
May 30, 2008 1:38am CST
Soo I see that everyone all over the world..scientists that is..are always looking for a way for time travel.I personally think its a huge bad idea..alot of bad can happen and then again a lot of good could..no one knows what would happen if we altered something if it would be made things worse or better..like if i never made that one mistake one night..wont say what..or whooooo lol..but then i never would have had Skylar my son..as much as im sorry and regret what i did witht hat one person..i never would have had my little world..if i went to college like i say i should have again i never would have met skys dad..i never would have all these woderful friends and memories i have of my past..soo if those little changes would do that to me..can u imagine if time travel got in the worng hands?? OMG! i cant even imagine..Soo do u think smeday we will invent it..and if we do..would u and what would u change..or nothing? me..not a dang thing!!!! well except letting my self go as i got older lol..BUT THATS IT!!! LOL..
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@sisco100 (2345)
• United States
3 Aug 08
nope i dont its possible or will ever be. time is a man made thing to keep tack of things. if u take away time how would u know when anything happens. the universe is not bound by time and isnt govearned by it. the only time travel we can do is into the future and its one way, but its not in the way most people would thing its done. if u were to place a person in suspended animation where their body function at a slow rate then normal the u could go the future but u wouldnt be able to go back. even if u could travel through time and change things in ur past do u really thing tht would be a smart thing to so. its like tht movie butterfly effect. if u change one thing in the past u change ur whole future like dominos all lined up. there are things tht every one would change but think about where u could be if u change tht one thing, it could have a bigger effect on ur life then u would think. for me i wish i could change things but i wouldnt want to unless it wouldnt change my future. all i can do is take those mistakes and learn form them, so i'm not repeating my past.
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@winterose (39918)
• Canada
5 Jun 08
I think it would be neat to time travel, go back in the past, to days gone by, and live like they did, or even visit the future and see what it is like but that would be like a vacation, but what would happen if you got killed in the past or in the future, would it mean we would cease to exist now, that would be scary.
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• United States
30 May 08
The butterfly effect! That's what would happen. Messing with what's been done or what will be done is ridiculous. Time travel should be left to Hollywood. Teleporting! Now that's what they should invent! Imagine how quick traveling would be. One drawback will be the fear that my spleen will arrive ahead of me. Oh come on! That's funny!
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