so get this . . .

United States
May 30, 2008 2:25am CST
today was supposed to be my last day of night school and i was officially going to be graduating with my class of 2008. so mind you,at my school,you need 130 credits to graduate;i struggled so much for the past 2 years to get to this point,becuase i refuse to be class of 2009 -thats not what my class right says and i also already took my senior pictures and everything,so after today everything was supposed to be official. [im not going to get in the topic of why i was in night school now,ill save that for the next discussion] so anyways,before i started night school,it was on my transcript that i had 119 credits already. so i go to get my up-to-date transcript today and now i have onli 116.25 credits -mind you i passed everyone of my classes! im so beyond upset. so then get this,the principle had the nerve to not even be there today for the last day. so the office told me to call sometime after 8 in the morning . . . OH YOU BETTER BELEIVE IM CALLING 8:00 ON THE DOT! im so upset. if i dont graduate with my class i dont know what i will do. welp,just thought i would share that with you guys - - now imma go start a topic as to why i was in night school.
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@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
31 May 08
Life is not always a bed of roses. There are bumps along the way and getting over those bumps make life the way it s for us. I have had a lot roadblocks in my life and I am still trying to make a go of it. I am just glad I still have the air to breathe.