Do you have nationality jokes in you country?

@isegor (118)
May 30, 2008 4:12am CST
Which nationalities are usually used in your country to make jokes? this is just a small example. Back in the 1980's USA and Russia were still struggling to be the best in everything and in order to debate some issues they met in Portugal, a neutral country. USA - We have built a plane that can fly as high as the sky and touch it. Russia - Wow, really touch it? USA - Not really, but only a couple of fingers away. Russia - We have built a submarine that can touch the bottom of the oceans. USA - Wow, really all the way to the bottom? Russia - Not really, but only a couple of fingers away. Portugal - That's nothing. In Portugal women have their children through their bottom. USA & Russia - Wow, really through their bottom? Portugal - Not really, but only a couple of fingers away.
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@aplaza (631)
• Netherlands
30 May 08
Yes we do have those kind of jokes here. Actually it's a two way street. You see the Belgians like to make jokes about the Dutch being so stingy. The Dutch like to make jokes about Belgians being a bit silly. Sometimes they are really funny. They lose a bit in translation though so I'm sorry not to post one here for you.
@isegor (118)
• Portugal
30 May 08
happens the same with the one i posted in portuguese it's funnier I am not fluent enough in english to adapt it as well. but it's nice if you give it a try ;)