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United States
May 30, 2008 9:13am CST
How do you find time for exercise during the summer months when the kids are home? I have not been able to work out in about 1 week. I just can't find time anymore to get on the treadmill.
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• Jamaica
26 Jul 10
My thought would be to find exercises that you can do with your children. Even if you go to the tract, take the children along.Maybe you can jog while they walk. As long as they are within your sight, they should be fine. This will also teach them the benefits of working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle from early on.I would love to give you a list of Kid friendly exercises that you can do with your children. I hope that this helps :) 1. Walk your dog 2. Walk your neighbor's dog (with permission from your parents and your neighbor, of course) 3. Fly a kite 4. Toss a Frisbee 5. Ask your parents or grandparents to take you to a state park or other area where you can take a nature hike 6. Ride your bike 7. Skate 8. If you have a yard, pick up sticks or trash 9. Pull weeds 10. Rake the yard or garden 11. Play tag 12. Play hopscotch 13. Have a hula hoop contest, and see who can keep the hoop up the longest 14. Learn to juggle 15. Jump rope (boxers do it, and look how strong & healthy they are!) 16. Visit the zoo, amusement park, or museum (lots of walking) 17. Wash the car 18. Have every family member wear a pedometer, and have a daily challenge to see who can take the most steps. Losers do winner's chores the next day. 19. Shoot hoops 20. Play soccer
@pandaeyes (2068)
6 Feb 10
You could have a skipping rope(jump rope) and use that at odd moments. The kids might like to have their own too, to play with. Skipping is not only for girls as you will see if you look on youtube under skipping ropes. Just tell the boys that boxers use them to keep fit and they will be eager to try. I use mine indoors nearly every day and it is amazing how tricky it is at first.