Three things to keep my parents happy....

May 30, 2008 10:17am CST
What you think might be the three things that helps to keep your parents happy?
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• Philippines
1 Jun 08
I am sure they'd want me to live a peaceful and happy life. Success wouldn't make such a big deal for them if they know that I'm not happy. Then I think knowing that I'm with a partner who loves me and who is faithful keeps them settled too. And probably the best thing that will keep their older days happier are grandchildren. I wouldn't expect them to care for my kids, of course, but having childrens' laughters to fill the house produces quite a happy feeling. These are the things that I think would make my parents happy.
• India
1 Jun 08
Thats great. hope u love ur parents a lot.thanks for your comments.
• Indonesia
30 May 08
I think my parents would want the same thing any parents want of their children, They want me to grow to be religious but not fanatic They want me to succeed in life and in whatever I do and they want me to treat and to be treated nicely
• India
31 May 08
thanks for your comments dissy. i think your are a good children for your parent.