Battlefield Heroes Discussion!

Northern Mariana Islands
May 30, 2008 10:25am CST
Hi! Welcome to my discussion about Battlefield heroes! First, take a look at these gameplay videos: gameplay video 1 gameplay video 2 gameplay video 3 gameplay video 4 What do you think about it? I really look forward to it, and can't wait for the public beta! I tried to download it, so I downloaded a link to the download at TPB, but the downloader was running at 30 kbps, so it would take 72 hours of non-stop downloading, not sure if I would manage to find a beta key either. But I don't understand why you need like 100 shots with the machinegun to kill, is it just the person that play that is really crappy, or is the machinegun crappy? And the number that pops out of the player when you hit them.. Iss that how much you hit them for? What faction will you play? Will you download it the first day, or wait to the site traffic is lower? Talk about anything that has anything will BF Heroes to do here! Thanks!
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@vekstr (179)
• Sweden
10 May 09
What's your favourite class? I love being commando. It's awesome to snipe people down. I always play as the Nationals.