Choose a fast-paced life or a slow-paced life?

May 30, 2008 11:19am CST
If possible, I would choose a slow-paced life. Everyone can only have one life, it's precious to us, so we should cherish it. Just think you lead a fast-paced life as the modern society people, getting up at 6am, falling asleep at 12pm, and being forced to work over time, you may get much money and power, but except these, you lost many things, such as health, rest and the time to do much other significant things. Nowadays, the scoiety is fast-paced. Every day we have many gains and losses so we need enough time to think about our life and enjoy what we gain from the daily life. In the modern society. there are many evils which make us depressed, so we need time to dream a beautiful life to make ourselves excited. And life is short for us, so we should make our life more significant, we need more time to read to enrich our spirit, accompany our family, help and care about others, if we do these things, we will find that our life is more colorful than before.
2 responses
@excellence7 (3477)
• Mauritius
30 May 08
A slow paced life, as my life is so beautiful, that I want to live each moments, probable for longer span of time :)
• China
30 May 08
Quite correct, I think you've always made the right decision:) Thanks for your response and enjoy yourself!
@nee919 (22)
• China
2 Jun 08
I will choose a slow-paced life because I want to spend more time in taking with my parents, playing with my good friends,trying best to achieve dreams in my life. Simple, colorful and wonderful!