Too much of commercials, should not be there some limits to it

@lovenluck (1068)
May 30, 2008 12:03pm CST
Ishant sharma just 19 year kid and one good series ,he is busy cashing in with commercials ads.Like wise just one or two good games and the commercial starts flowing in . The BCCI is paying enough to these player but still they go for these commercials . Are our players so much in need of money. yes guys like joginder sharma from poor familes are exceptions but most of them are from well off family ,so why are they so much after it?
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@98765m (1019)
• India
1 Jun 08
Well,you are in a way right.But,you can blame them like that? Well,the same question you have asked,won't it apply to cine stars? Won't it apply to business men?Why do they need more money? For the most obvious reason,to raise these standards in terms of money. The true fact is every one is after money. So,how much they earn, should not be the question to be asked to them.The question should be asked is [i][b] "How much do they spend for the poor and other noble causes?Are they spending money lavishly?Are they concentrating too much on commercials than cricket?Are their performance affected by it?"[/b][/i] I think you know that getting into the Indian team and becoming a star in just 19 years is no easy task.There is a lots of heavy hard work involved behind these successes. But,I do certainly agree that some are doing commercials more than enough.Also,only the Indian cricket board is over flowing with money and almost all others are even bankrupt like Sri Lanka. Well,let me see if India will become more wealthy country at least by these cricketers and cine stars,as many commercials are from other foreign developed countries. So,I don't think there is no need to blame them if it doesn't affect their cricket. But,most unfortunately,it does affect their cricketing standards and has made cricket a money making tree and a lot of recent happenings doesn't suggest cricket as gentle mans game. So,the board can make a check to these commercials.But,it seems the board itself is earning lot more than necessary and earning more than almost all other games together in India! Cheers! Have a nice day Happy mylotting and happy earnings.