Things That FF VII fans should know.

May 30, 2008 12:52pm CST
I have finished play FF VII : CC and understand many things. I write some of the things that FF VII fans should know. If you need more, respond my topic so I will tell you more. Or you need some info just ask. Cloud's girl friend is Tifa, not Arith. Arith is Zack's girl friend, The main character in FF VII:CC. Zack and Cloud are friend. Zack is the first class soldier but Cloud is only Third class soldier. They are both friend and soldier team. they met each other in the mission at Cloud's home town, Zack also come from the same home town as Cloud.
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1 Jun 08
I have yet to play FF7:CC, But all of this is explained in the original FF7, Aeris Tells cloud that her Ex Boyfriend was in Soldier, plus the cloud and Zack situation is explained in the flashbacks near the end.
31 May 08
Yeah that's true i suggest that you should also watch the movie Final Fantasy Advent Children Sequence "Final Fantasy VII Cris core" "Final Fantasy VII" "Final Fantasy Advent Children(Great movie)"
• Argentina
23 Aug 08
Thanks for the order info! I have only played the original game and I was a bit confused about the new movies and games :)
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15 Feb 09
Most people who've played already know this, but when it comes to games that known for being a bit on the vague side, there will always be debates over this. To some, Tifa is Cloud's friend, nothing more. SHE might want more, but that doesn't mean that Cloud does. It can be argued that they fit as a couple, but that not everyone in the fandom will. Aerith and Zack certainly did have something, but they didn't know each other well enough to go deeper than good friends. Still, it's likely they could easily be something more than that. Zack and Cloud are, at the very least, good friends. Zack is actually from Gongaga, while Cloud is from Nibelheim. Zack met Cloud in Modeoheim, IIRC.