should i go out with the person

@vera0571 (167)
May 30, 2008 7:05pm CST
yesterday a person asked me to go out for a party.i learn him when i took a bus to school,in another word,i know the person just because he seated near me on the bus.i dont't know if i go or not because he is strange to me.please give me some advice.
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• Greenland
13 Jun 08
most certainly not :P too dangerous ask him to go out to a public place to know each other better if you like him :P
@ayessa (1586)
• Philippines
31 May 08
If im at your shoe I won't go out to any person whom I don't know well. But if you insist I suggest to bring somebody along with you. Just to be sure of your safety. It is also advisable to set the date on a very public place.
• United States
31 May 08
If you like him, then why not? You seem think he's strange so I don't think it will work, lol. You said you only know him because he sat next to you on a bus. Is this the first time he's acknowledged you or has he talked to you before? I can't make this decision for you, but you don't seem comfortable enough to hang out with him so don't.
@Mirenia (199)
• United States
31 May 08
Definitely get to know him before even considering going out somewhere with him.. or anyone for that matter. Never go out and do things with people you dont know.
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
31 May 08
I should think you should take more time to get to know the person, his background, his character, and so on. Won't be wise to rush !