Could you imagine the person in his/her AVATAR?

May 30, 2008 11:23pm CST
All of most of us have avatars in our profile. There are others that the picture was their own face but there are others that are not, it could be object, cartoon character, celebrity and other more. For example if that person's avatar is Harry Potter do you imagine sometimes that you are talking to Harry Potter or some kinda that person looks like Harry Potter eventhough you know it for a fact that of course it is not Harry Potter? Or it could be sometimes like Tweety Bird, can you imagine that you are talking to Tweety which is in reality of course we know that he/she just likes Tweety that is why that is his avatar? But still you are imagining that you are talking to Tweety already. Sometimes because of the avatar that person reminds you of something. There are times that it could reflect to his/her personality the way he posted.
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• Australia
31 May 08
Yea sometmes it feels as tham talking to the avatar, like harry potter or something. My avatar however is a real photo of me.