is love eternal???

@alcazar (762)
May 31, 2008 2:26am CST
We all keep on saying to our loved ones that we will never forget them and keep loving them till the last breath of our lives.but does this thing happen ,once we are away from a partner we look for new ones,and even if he/she dies we dont even think twice to go out with someone else. Are we not just going towards the needs and not love.... What do you think???
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@excellence7 (3477)
• Mauritius
31 May 08
Well, thats really a question huh, Is love Eternal? God knows dear, but in the case, where you said, that when one of the couple die, the other continue to live, its called the norm of life dear, at times it happens even against the wish but yet for the betterment of the living one..Life is afterall the strangest quagmire!
• India
31 May 08
i dont think so in your way.i feel love is eternal.people who have fallen in true love only can explain that.well that doesnt mean i dont love my gf truly.i do love her. i love her very much.even theer are some girls who just wanna do timepass with me but i dont even look at them. i dont even think of other girls coz i dont even feel of thinking about them. i am not able to explain you exactly what it feels like but the only thing i can say you is love is eternal.
• China
31 May 08
I don't think love is eternal. But I do think that you can make love go as far as possible if your partner wants to do the same.