8 year old killer, hangs himself!!!!!

@jessieBee (1046)
Trinidad And Tobago
May 31, 2008 8:36am CST
After brutally raping and killing 8yr old Hope, Her step father hanged himself yesterday with a sheet from his cell and slit his wrist. This is an update from the discussion i posted Thursday, "8 yr old brutally murdered by step father Wha......t!". Hopes body was found in a cane field, she was raped,stabbed 3 time,throat slit, and spinal cord broken. This took place in my country Trinidad. Now our country along with her mother is left without a reason as for why he killed Hope. Justice will never be served. I am angry, furious!!! That he hanged himself for now no one will know the real truth. Yes he confessed on tape that he killed her, but he never said why he did such an inhuman act to the child. Are we as parents failing our children? Are we not to protect our children from such sick people? The mother is still in disbelief, That her common law husband killed her daughter. Did she fail as a mother? I don't really think she did, but i believe she should have been more vigilant as to the things that were taking place around her. She should have asked herself why did he want to take little hope with him everywhere he was going? But she never asked any questions, she claimed he loved Hope very much, like his own daughter. Love... Ha! more like lusted after the child. She was innocent. She did not deserve to die like a dog! I'm crushed by the out come of this whole situation. Mylot what do you think?
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@Thoroughrob (11750)
• United States
31 May 08
I am so sorry that she has lost her daughter in this manner, she will have to live with it the rest of her life. I cannot imagine finding out such a horrible thing. I wish he could have gotten what he deserves, but will never hurt anyone again.
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