Career Crisis

May 31, 2008 9:14am CST
Is it normal that I'm struggling with my writing even this early? I'm a junior in a university and I'm taking up Journalism. I'm having a hard time coming along with my major although I love it. I love to write. Writing is everything for me. So, is it just me, it just my self confidence or is it weird to be struggling with what I'm doing this early?
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• United States
2 Jun 08
A great writer will always have moments of struggling. It's practically innately programmed in us. That just means that you take it very seriously. Believe me it's a good thing. And I'm having a similar crisis myself. I don't know when I'll got back to college because I'm not sure what I really want to do with my life. At least you took that step. Just write about what you know first. I find that my personal interests help move me along and branch out later on with my writing.
• Philippines
2 Jun 08
Thanks! I find what you said really helpful. Especially regarding personal interests, I agree on that.
@paid2write (5202)
31 May 08
I don't think it is unusual to struggle, especially when you are learning a new discipline and I think journalism requires you to learn to write in a different way than you are used to. I think your confidence will grow. I find the best way to improve my writing is just to keep on writing and it does get easier with practice. I think if you stick at it you will develop your skills. It is a wonderful opportunity you have to study jurnalism and I hope it will lead on to a successful career for you.
• Philippines
1 Jun 08
Thank you for that. I also think my self confidence is the main problem here, I never see my self as competitive enough so maybe that's why I'm struggling so bad.