We get off to a bad start

May 31, 2008 11:58am CST
Life is changeable that we even don't what it will be next second.....Just like a person who is your enemy at present may change as your friend next moment .I was confused today because of a trifing matter.I had an argument with a group leader as i am another group's administrator....I felt so depressed because of it .To solve our problem,we had a "peaceful" communication.We both know that there seems to be no point in arguing further...... The world should always use a little more gentleness.Gentleness is the best way to find a solution.So, he is no longer a enemy of mine,but a friend.From this little thing iknow fall back a step then brighter.Will you be agree with me ?
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• China
31 May 08
yeah. I agree with you very very much. There are so many badly things in our life,but if you can't change others,you can change youself. I like the maxim:a person do a good thing is easy,but it's hard for a lifetime!