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May 31, 2008 2:19pm CST
I found this very interesting and funny.You answer the question asked by the previous person, then pose a question to the following person. Q. What do you find interesting on this site?
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31 May 08
The horrendous spelling mistakes people mke,it makes reading a nightmare really! Do you think its important to spell correctly or it does not matter,as long as people can figure out what you are saying?
1 Jun 08
I could go with that.Dont take it as an insult to anyone.I find it liberating that people do so,it is not meant to read-spell correctly. No diss intended Have a great day too
• Canada
31 May 08
Hmmm.... what do I find interesting on this site? I find all the people in the world to be interesting, and I think it is very interesting how we are all able to communicate through MyLot. My question for the next peron is this. How do you feel about people driing down the street with their music up full blast?