Was Shakes Pear was a lady ?

May 31, 2008 3:40pm CST
John Hodson who is presently research on Shakes Pear claim that ,Shakes pear was a lady.He putforth some arguements in this regards. Shakes Pear was a Ehudi lady.Her name was "Amelia Basona Lamiar Basano". In 1611 she wrote her first novel which was not accepted by public. At that time even if Queen Elizabeth was chief of England,but at that time any book written by women writer was not accepted by society.To over come this problem and make her book popular she changed her name to Shakes Pear.Not only Shakes Pear there are large numbers of women writer change their name to make their book popular. I quote this interesting topics from local daily news paper.
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@SomeCowgirl (32270)
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1 Jun 08
Well this is a very interesting topic and one I have never seen before. I have always thought shakespeare to be a man but it is very well that he could have been a woman. The type of writing he did can not shed any light on this topic as it was not uncommon and still isn't to this day. Atleast the genre. However, I would imagine that the lady would have some difficulty in attending and possibly helping direct the plays that was made and shown in theaters. This topic puts up a great fight. I hope that you get many responses as I would also like to know everyone's opinion on this matter.