Why do people like to make fools out of themselves?

@lorelai (1559)
May 31, 2008 4:51pm CST
There's this show on Italian television called Corida. Everybody can go there to sing, act, dance, or to do any other kind of performance. Sometimes very talented people go there and it is real pleasure to watch them do what ever they do.But as I said everyone can go there and every body does go there, people who sing like cat when you pull its tail, who have no rythm, no talent and no voice, little elephants who want to dance but they end up rolling around the stage and things like that. The best thing is that people in the audience bring different kinds of items from home, usually metal ones and then they start making very unpleasnt noises if they don't like the performance So I really wonder why do people go there to make fools out of themselves? What's the point in doing so in front of 20 million people? I would never do it. Would you? Where did suto-criticism go? If I sing a song I hear that I don't make each tone right, don't they?
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@peaceful (3286)
• United States
31 May 08
Amazingly, some people believe that they are fine and talented singers, even if they sound horrible to us and the entire World, they simply cannot bring themselves to admit that they can't sing- or dance or act! LOL! :) Bet they all get discovered by Hollywood, just the same! :) You question was amusing! :) Here's some free talent lessons from my Apsense blog: http://www.apsense.com/article/113716.html And if you think those people on Corida are bad, you should see the folks on Sing Snap! :: http://www.singsnap.com Enjoy your day! :)
@lorelai (1559)
• Italy
31 May 08
Thanks for your reply I will check out the links you gave me. Well ok maybe they sound good to themselves but only if they are deaf. I really wonder what they think when people in the audience start banging and beaiting with they metal equipment, is it a surprise for them of they came there because they didn't want an aplause but this crazy metal symphony.
@peaceful (3286)
• United States
31 May 08
Some these people know that they are irritating, and they are just doing this to get the attention, for folks like this, any kind of attention will do. I have been a professional singer and instrumentalist since I was a baby many years ago... I have seen all types of crazy folks do crazy things, believe me! :)
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@Cannonball (3639)
• France
1 Jul 08
It's funny even in my surrounding I know people who try to keep learning guitar or singing even though they are really nto talented at all,even if you tell them they're not they will keep doing it coz maybe they don't have a musical ear. I also saw it on french tv show some guys who really sing bad and keep thinking they're made for it;some people can't ear they're bad musicians so they keep practicing and those people on this show keep going there coz they hope they will become somebody throught the show. Some others people go there just for fun and some others go there and become aware they're really not good for it so they just give up. I'm not for this kind of show anyway coz most of the time even the winner of the show leave from there broken so...
@dpk262006 (55919)
• Delhi, India
9 Jun 08
Some people are attention seekers. They badly want others attention, so basically these kind of people appear and participate in such shows and they know even if they may be doing silly acts, yet they would get free publicity and they can tell their near and dear ones that - "look, I appeared in a TV show, did you notice me?". This act of theirs gives them a kind of self- satisfaction and they feel that they are not being neglected by others, rather they are getting noticed. Good Post!
@bieke81 (1069)
• Belgium
1 Jun 08
I think most people who make a fool of themselves don't realise that they don't have the talent they think they have. They believe they have the most perfect voice, the most beautiful style and they don't see it like we do. It's mostly because the people around them, like their parents, don't tell them the truth and let them believe thier dreams.