wanna get money for 2 months of rs membership?

@jxdos123 (122)
Hong Kong
May 31, 2008 11:12pm CST
I found this site which allows you to get money for clicking ads as well as recruiting referrals. You could get enough money for rs membership in a week or so if you have enough referrals. The minimum payout is $10 which is enough for 2 motths of rs membership. http://bux.to/?r=jxdos123 This url can get you started by being my referral. =)
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@kaison3 (34)
6 Jun 08
the bux website only alows you to get money from alert-pay and runescape doesn't accept alert-pay and also it takes alot of time to get enough for a membership.
@jxdos123 (122)
• Hong Kong
6 Jun 08
i thought it gets it through paypal? and it will be fast if u have referrals.
@alcazar (762)
• India
1 Jun 08
thats gr8 man...but i am already a member of this site but dont have any referrals...
@fjgamer (543)
• United States
1 Jun 08
Not a good way to make money, referrals. I'm currently pursuing a $10 RS prepaid card on PrizeRebel. That's two months membership. Also, I may use my MyLot money for RS eventually, and I have some money being saved on a survey site just for emergencies.