@Rintis (646)
May 31, 2008 11:22pm CST
I always wondered and gave scientific explations for my dreams, like I must be worried or thinking about something, hence I see them in my dreams. But from some months I have been getting recurring dreams frequently. I see that I go to a mysterious place and enter a deserted house..it doesn't scare me but makes me happy in my dream and I always see the same place...Altough I have never been there for real. When I am up I am so confused about why I keep seeing the same place. Have you had any such experience before. Do you think we can find answers to our dreams?
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@nupats (3564)
• India
1 Jun 08
very intresting..i also get dreams mainly i dram abt falling frm height i dont know wt it signifies but it jerks me out of sleep..it may have something to do with u abt that house some connection..there is a site called dreammoods.com u can try finding ur answers there...i hope this helps u..have a nice day..