Uncaring mother,, more child abuse cases in the Phillipines

@anex08 (869)
June 1, 2008 3:09am CST
Have you seen the report last saturday on " Imbestigador" hosted by Mike Enriquez? another case for child abuse. My heart sank when I saw the child with bruises, scratches and wounds all over his body, the boy even can't speak I can feel he is thankful and very much welcome the help from authority. Im just glad there were still angels in disguise of a neighbor who is caring and willing to help. The uncaring mother whatever the reason behind do not have the right to do it to human particulary to her child. where does her heart goes? her older daughter may have witnessed what her mother is doing and practiced the same to his siblings wherein she was also hurting her brother and even tied his feet and covered the boy's body with something. It's hard to believe but there are existing mother's who does not have the right to be called mother.