[S04 FINALE SPOILER!!!] I was wondering...

@Alnitak (423)
June 1, 2008 5:18am CST
I'm writing a little introduction because people could read the spoiler in the topic index. Ok, now I think it could be considered safe. Ok, once again... like I said, SPOILER: I was wondering if we're going to see our first resurrection in the island :-P Ben said that they needed Locke's body too. So: what do you think they are planning to do? Going back in the past where Locke is still alive and just bury the dead body in the island? But this would be in contrast with Mrs Hawking saying destiny cannot be changed. They will bring Locke in the island so he will simply... ehm... resurrect? I couldn't accept this! I said nothing with ghosts, fast healing and island disappearing but I couldn't accept Locke resurrection :-P We won't lose the character because Locke's dead is placed in 2007 and they have lot to things to say, but once he is dead I don't want him to simply come back... so what do you think Ben is planning to do with his body?
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