June 1, 2008 12:09pm CST
what are your favourite groups?
8 responses
@JBKnutsen (427)
• Northern Mariana Islands
1 Jun 08
Welcome to myLot! My favorite group is Sum 41. How about you?
• Philippines
3 Jun 08
in boy bands i like backstreet boys in rock bands i like switch foot, good charlote and new found glory
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
2 Jun 08
Welcome to myLot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pongiola Well I love Chris Brown, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole, Neyo, Ashanti, Beyonce, Eve, Kelly Rowland, Ciara..
@adoremay (2069)
• Philippines
2 Jun 08
Boyz 2 men... I love their voices...
@Anne18 (11036)
2 Jun 08
Bon Jovi has to be my all time favourite group. Love Meatloaf as well. Like lots of different bands and groups and solo people but those two come to my mind straight away.
• France
1 Jun 08
I listen to a lot of older metal bands, ie, black sabbath, iron maiden, metalica, slayer, but also the doors, zepplen, ozzy, etc...
1 Jun 08
I love music, and have a range of bands that I really enjoy listening to. Who is my favourite depends on what mood I am in. There are some bands and singers that I never get tired of listening to, such as Michael Jackson, Foo Fighters, Placebo and Three Days Grace. I will listen to just about any type of music, depending on what frame of mind I'm in.
• Japan
1 Jun 08
I love Music.. anything.. whatever is peppy.. soothing to ears... nice to listen... no favorites groups as such...