Do you think that No Doubt will even be a band again?

United States
June 1, 2008 1:13pm CST
With all the success that Gwen Stefani has had, do you think No Doubt will ever make another album? It seems suspicious to me that its been so long since they have had an album out. And It would not be surprising because of her solo success, but its funny because their last Band album was a pretty big success in it of itself.. So is it over or could they be working on one but just taking a while?
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@wooitsmolly (3613)
• United States
1 Jun 08
I doubt they will ever be a band again. I can't picture it happening... Gwen seems too different now. I mean, she seems like she is really stuck on herself and her new life now and wouldn't be bothered with the whole No Doubt thing. Plus, I have heard her say that she was unhappy in the band and was essentially "over it" so yeah, I doubt it. I think if they did get back together, the music would probably be weak.
• United States
24 Apr 09
It would be great if No Doubt got back together and made another album. However, I Doubt that it is going to happen because much like wooitsmolly said (and I agree), Gwen Stefani is different now. I agree that she is stuck on herself or at least appears to be that way. In my opinion, the solo success went to her head and she put herself above No Doubt. I like some of the songs that she made on her solo album but I also like a lot of the stuff No Doubt put out when they were all together in a band. They are all talented so even if they do not get back together, they can do other projects on their own whether it be making solo albums or writing for other entertainers or producing music or playing instruments in collaboration with other bands or solo artists.
• Calgary, Alberta
8 Feb 11
I miss this band so much but Gwen seemed to let go of her badass roots and left rock music and turn to pop and dance music. I do wish Gwen will come back to this band. They have chemistry performing and they make good music. I heard they have a reunion but I didnt felt it which is kinda sad.