What happen to honesty? Why do people expect you to be honest, but they arent?

@sjlg01 (46)
United States
June 1, 2008 2:54pm CST
I am having a real problem with this. It is hard to go thru life and feel that you can't trust anyone. Please give me some responses
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@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
1 Jun 08
Yes it is hard to go through life and feel that you cannot trust anyone. So I would advise you not to feel this way. Life has it ups and downs. What you should do with the downs is make it an experience and do not make the same mistakes again. I used to go through life believing everything Tom, Sandra and harry, says before I realize that I have been play, betray and cast away. So I just take life as it comes. But if you are young use the disappointments that you receive and turn them into positiveness. Remember there are good in everything even when it seems as if there aren't any.
@sjlg01 (46)
• United States
4 Jun 08
Thank You for your response. Life does have its ups and downs. But you try to do right by people and you expect the same. I am not saying that I am perfect either, but I try to learn from my mistakes, like you said. But some people just don't care and that is sad to say. I just let people show me who they are, and I try to accept them for the person they have shown me. I am thankful though, because without God being in my life I dont know where I would be now. You take care and I want to wish you the best in your life.