Trying to decide and don't know what's best! Shingles or Tin for my new roof?

United States
June 1, 2008 7:06pm CST
I had someone here to give me a price on doing my roof. He said I can upgrade to a better shingle that is 30 years guranteed. Since tin roofs went up the price is about double. They said the price of tin has went sky high. I did want a tin roof. You have so many colors to chose from. But I want something that will las ta long time too. I have a friend that put tin on their place a few years ago and had to fix a few pieces. Now since I have to pay someone to do things like this and it would be a relatively new roof, I'd hate to ahve tin and some come loose in a few years. Also, I don't know about the gurantees onm them, except if you don't remove the old roof there is no gurantee. Have you had a shingle roof and now have tin? Which one do you like the best. I mean if you had it to do all over again would you go back to shingles or stay with the tin roof? I am getting a new roof really soon and need input on this matter. Please help me you all. Thank you for your help and input.
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