How do you response if a person tells you that you are ugly?

ugly duckling - ugly duckling
June 1, 2008 11:28pm CST
I often receive bad criticism from other people and it really puts me down. whenever i heard them telling me that i am not pretty i feel very pity to myself. The words even echoes to my ear most of the time. I just keep myself quiet everytime i heard them giving me negative criticism.
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3 Jul 08
I've been called ugly lots of times. When it would happen I would spend like the next month dwelling on it and feeling sorry for myself. I think alot of people have gone through being called ugly. Just make it drive you to excell. Use that to your advantage to make you work harder to show them that they're idiots for judging you!
@SomeCowgirl (32270)
• United States
2 Jun 08
If I heard someone call me ugly I would first access whether they are kidding. If they are or if I think they are I would access whether they know me enough to kid in such a manner. If they do not I would then promptly feel offended and would either tell them so or would not act in an way but would rather remove myself from there presence. If they were not joking then I would further access whether they were my friends or not. If they were not my friends I would probably be hurt more then if they were. Either way, I would feel offended and would probably do the same as above by telling them how I felt or not act in anyway but remove myself from them. I am sorry that someone or some people are being mean and calling you ugly. I Would suggest removing yourself from their presence and not allow them to hurt your feelings as you are your own person and they may or may not be exactly beautiful anyway. It does not matter for what you may look like but rather the way you look at life.