The most effective way to avoid obesity without harm.

June 2, 2008 12:15am CST
anyone wanna share some tips here????
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• Malaysia
2 Jun 08
It's a global problem and more adults & children ending up with diabesity ( obesity with diabetes )It's a shame but could be avoided and the change should be started from the home itself. A few tips that would be helpful and I'm sure most people have thought of them but find it difficult to apply in daily lifes :- 1) Eat less - I'm one person who enjoys food and this is a hard " task " to do. Most experts would say, cut down 500 calories perday, less carbos and with self discipline and determination - it really makes a lot of difference. You can always give yourself a treat later after you have achieved your goal. 2) Spend less - esp. when grocery shopping. Just buy what you need which you find are necessary and what you could afford for. Too much of food ( like junk )bought and kept in the homes will create temptations. And children should be trained when they are still young on nutritious healthy food. 3) Exercise - yes, like everybody would say and it really makes the whole being feels good. Even 15 to 30 minutes per day works wonders.And it should be done in a fun way like outing with the whole family, friends or in the neighbourhood supporting each other. 4) Meal planning - consume food/have meals at an appropriate time which means no late breakfast ( not brunches ) or dinners ( suppers )or even skip meals. Whatever the favourite food is, it should be taken in moderation amount and spread out through the whole day. It's really the portions that matters. 5) Watch less TV - esp. the children as nowadays the commercials on the air on fast food/ junk food are tremendously a big bad influence. As parents should supervise the children on appropriate TV watching periods. I am sure there are lots more tips and I do find these really help. Hope you find them useful too and when it's a better you in the end, it's always happier for everybody with less stress :)
• United States
13 Jun 08
exercise is the number one way to impact obesity. I've dealt with being overweight and despite the variety of diets and meal stuff that I have done, the number one thing that has significantly impacted my weight has been exercise. Start off slow, like just walking, for 30 minutes a day, move it up to an hour a day, or no less than three times a week, but start with walking and then if you're able to use a treadmill, use that. But walking is absolutely the best way for someone to get started losing weight. It's worked for me every time I've needed to bring my weight down ... cutting back eating doesn't seem to work for me because my metabolism just slows down, plus I enjoy cooking and eating, so thats really hard to do. The walking can be a lot of fun if you use headphones to listen to some upbeat music or whatever, and you can also use ankle weights to help as well.
@megumiart (3781)
• United States
8 Jun 08
The best way to avoid obesity to maintain a healthy lifestyle; regular exercise and balanced diet, all the time. If you go on and off diets and exercising sprees, your metabolism will go up and down, and your body will inconsistently burn and store fat, making you gain and lose wieght instead of being at one size.
@MichaelJay (1100)
2 Jun 08
Excercise is the most effective key to reducing obesity. For excrcise you can substitute the word activity. Housework sure shifts the calories, try scrubbing the floor with your brush on your knees instead of swishing a mop around. Reaching up to the cobwebs with a duster does wonders for the stretch! Walk to work or get off the bus or train on stop sooner and alk the rest of the way. Secondly reduce the amount of food on your plate. When you have finihed do not go back for more.