Why do you wear Havaianas?

June 2, 2008 3:43am CST
Well, this Havaianas craze took the market by storm..."Make your own Havaianas" would be lined-up by everyone... Why do you have Havaianas? For me, honestly, I had my first pair of Havaiansa for the reason that having one is the "in" thing to do...So I got one...and I had another green one...and it looks like I'm not buying one any sooner unless it wears out which looks like it's gonna take a long time. That's what I love about Havaianas, they're super durable! So, why do you have thoe Havs of yours?
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@salonga (27860)
• Philippines
2 Jun 08
Well my dear I suppose you are well-off as you can afford expensive pair of Havaianas. Lucky you!!! I however think I would rather buy the cheaper brands even if I can afford because I have always been a wise spender all my life, anyway there are other beautiful and durable brands as well but much much cheaper. Yes, Havaianas maybe durable and it makes you feel on the top of the world because of the prestige they give to it, but so sorry that I am not about to give in to that craze. But don't get me wrong, I am not against you preference, You are entitled to it and you deserve whatever your want for as long as you can afford.
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• Philippines
16 Feb 10
i have onve one because my husband give it to me,and i have another one because i bought it myself.they are so comfortable to wear and its price speaks for its quality.i still have plans of buying one.
• Philippines
5 Dec 09
I wear Havaianas because they're very comfortable.I'm not really a Havaianas collector.while it is very comfortable,I am not really a huge fan.I don't see it as a status symbol.I only got one pair because it is comfortable.I got a white metallic Havaianas.it can go with everything.
• Philippines
7 Nov 09
I have Havaianas because it is really comfortable.it doesn't wear out easily.I bought Havaianas for comfort.I only have one pair.I don't see them as status symbol.it's all about the usage for me.
• Philippines
14 Jul 08
it's fashionable. i'm so comfortable wearing it. it's not easy to break unlike my other slippers. i love havaianas!
@shiobeh (46)
• Philippines
15 Jun 08
I honestly am in love with Havaianas. :) I love their designs, especially the Limited Edition ones. They are also durable and comfortable to wear. But sadly, it comes in an expensive price.
@sun2day (1063)
• Virgin Islands (U.S.)
2 Jun 08
I dont know what that is?