The Girl and The Cat

@sd_abot (177)
June 2, 2008 3:49am CST
Once upon a time, there was a girl who loves her cat. She love it so much. It's been her best friend and ally. It is her only friend. They were very close. Until one day, an accident occurred. A car accident happened. And after that, they never see each other again. The cat become a stray and the girl become somebody else.
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@Anne18 (11036)
2 Jun 08
MY CAT STORY I have two cats, a big cat and a little cat. They have a love hate relationship. The big cat often hisses at the little cat for no reason. Little cat so much wants to be friends that he still tries very hard to get in bed with big cat and become firm friends. This has been going on for ages and I love little cat as he keeps trying and won't give up trying to be friends with big cat
@sd_abot (177)
• Philippines
2 Jun 08
Wow. I like that little cat.Thanks for your response. Have a nice day.