Your sleeping habits tell a lot about you. Read on, very informative.

June 2, 2008 6:18am CST
Back sleeper with arms crossed to support the head : You are highly enthusiastic and intelligent. You are sometimes filled with cranky ideas which people find hard to follow. You take good care of your family, the problem is you hardly love anybody. Covering from head to toe : You may appear macho in public, but deep down you are shy.You tend to keep a lot of secrets and in case of a problem would not ask for help. Back sleeper with legs crossed : This person is self obsessed and finds it difficult to accept changes. Solitude is your priority. Your threshold of tolerance is immense. Back sleeper with arms and legs spread out. Liberty loving soul.Comfort lover and beauty worshipper, you are spendrift. You are noisy and enjoy gossip. Tummy sleeper : You are narrow minded, self centered and want people to toe your line. You are likely to be restless. Side Sleeper :- You are confident, seeking success in whatever you undertake. People who sleep on their right side with their right arm stretching over the head are said to be blessed with power and fortune. Side sleeper curling up :- Shelfish, jealous and vindictive. People need to be alert and careful around you. Side sleeper lying on one arm : You are gentle, polite, sincere and loving. Build up your self confidence. Learn to accept your mistakes. Side Sleeper with one knee bended. You are fussy, inclined to be whining and complaining. Nervousness is your second name. You get excited over small matters. Cuddled Up : You feel lonely and depressed. Obsessed with your past failures. Hesitant and indecisive, giving others the impression that love has been missing in your life.
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@secretbear (19464)
• Philippines
18 Jul 08
i'm a side sleeper, usually on the left side but there's no meaning there for the side sleeper left so i'm taking the general meaning. but i don't think that the meanings all suit me. like, i'm not that confident and i don't seek success in everything i do. its good to win and succeed though. i curl up sometimes. and selfish, jealous and vindictive, i sometimes am like that. but people need not be alert around me because i'm not that dangerous. ^__^;; i sometimes sleep on one arm. but i'm not exactly gentle. polite yes, perhaps. sincere and loving.. hmmm.. let my friends and family be the judge of that. and yeah, i need to build up my self confidence and i still need to learn a cooler way of accepting my mistakes. i also bend one knee most of the times but i don't usually whine and complain. fuss over things, yes. i'm not always nervous but i get too worried over small things. and excited too. and i sleep cuddled up too but just these past few weeks because i'm heartbroken. i'm indecisive too. does that make me a complicated person?? ^__^;;
• United States
5 Jun 08
Intersting to say the least, where did you find this??? I'm a cuddler, and the discription pretty much sums it up. But I also sleep on my side a lot, not because its the most comfortable position, but due to some pain issues, its the only way I can get relief, so would that make these statements true?? Or am I just the odd one out?
@shilpa_p (198)
• India
5 Jun 08
I find some of the stuff to be true.Im a back and side sleeper.Sometimes i cuddle up.This was very interesting to read though.While its not true that im obsessed with past failures the rest-lonely and depressed,hesitant and true!
@INGA832 (1114)
• Russian Federation
2 Jun 08
I have two favourite positions while sleeping so I don't know what to think about myself. Anyway, thanks a lot for interesting information. I'll try to remember it.
@bagumbayan (2707)
• Philippines
2 Jun 08
Sometimes i sleep on different positions. I dont know my position when I am sleep. I am a back sleeper but not spreading my legs and arms, and when i woke up sometime I am sleeping on one side. Thanks for the information.