Is Anyone Really Fooled?

United States
June 2, 2008 4:56pm CST
Is anyone really dense enough not to know that Scott McClellan's book is both politically motivated as well as greed motivated? Let's get real? This is an election year and Scott McClellan has allowed himself to be used to try to hurt the election. I don't know about anyone else but I think Scott McClellan is a coward and a greedy jerk. I don't believe anything he says because he did this at a time to do as much damage as he can to the Republican party and make a killing financially that he couldn't do next year when it isn't an election year. This book would have flopped most likely in 2009 because Bush would be out of office and there would be no election issues to come out of it. The old saying "timing is everything" really applies to this situation because any other time this book probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere near the press it has. This man is a sleazy coward because he didn't have the guts to face the people he's accusing with all of this. And, what he doesn't understand is that it will come back to haunt him.
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