what would you do for your closest friends?

United States
June 3, 2008 2:58am CST
Would you take a bullet? Loan them $1000 (if you had it)? Give them a place to live for a while? Just how far would you go for your closest friends? I only have a few close friends and I would like to think I would go pretty far to help them if I could. As for a bullet, I don't know that is such a hard question to answer. What about you?
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@horsesrule (1960)
• United States
3 Jun 08
I love my close friends but I would NOT take a bullet for them. They are adults and they can take their own bullet. Now for my daughter or my grandsons, yes, I would take a bullet for them! I have loaned a thousand dollars to a friend before, more than one friend even (in the past when I had more money than I do now). I only ever was repaid by one friend, the others cheated me and gave up our friendship. I guess I have to say that if that was their price, then they were not very good friends, were they? I have given friends a place to stay before. I've never had to stay with a friend before but I like to think that I would be able to if I had no home. I helped a friend set up her own online business and she gave me up so ater she began to succeed. Having friends is sometimes quite painful, you know what I mean?
• United States
3 Jun 08
That stinks to hear that you got ripped off by people who you called friends. I only wish they could see the fact that you still refer to them as friends. I have not been ripped off by a friend but I have been ripped off by people who I consider acquaintances but never for much.
@clivwill (28)
• Jamaica
3 Jun 08
i will do anything for a good friend....even steal if needs be. good friends are as good as gold and last forever like diamonds man.
@ahna09 (106)
• Philippines
3 Jun 08
well., i will do everything that is right for my closest friend... everything good and nice... take a bullet...no.. loan them $1000..sure..its just money but of course if her reason is really important... place to live for a while?yeah..sure...