June 3, 2008 10:55am CST
Hi my lotter friends Today is earthquake is very critical problem for people. You will never have warning that a earthquake is coming I suggest you some tips. secure cupboard and bookcases to the wall using bolt. Also try to keep heavy objects on lower shelves so they wonot fall on you during an earthquake you make sure your water heater is secured to wall its won't fall during a earthquake and start fire and hurt to someone If you live in area who have lot of earthquakes make sure that your home is bolted that your foundation. Although its might be expensive. its could be saved you from lot of damage you and your house during a earthquake when you know about for earthquake You donot go outside. You could get hurt from falling glass or parts of buildings. If you are not outside from your home stay away for buildings and powerlines, take cover under a desk, table and other heavy wooden things who hurt for you stand in door away and save youself if earthquake is coming/happen you drive your vehicles, Stop your vehicles. its safe. stay inside your vehicles until the earthquake stops and safe yourself
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