How to cope with a changing bf

June 3, 2008 11:02pm CST
ah boys... most of them are at their best at the beginning of your relationship. take note! most of them! they care so much for you to the point where they almost start to look like a stalker except that you really really like them to stalk you.;) my bf WAS like that and i liked it. but change came knocking on his door when he got his first job. he's always tired cause he burns himself to death for his job. suddenly, time for me is like going overtime at work. i felt neglected. i know that new job means new friends. but hey i'm a girl! one day im ok with it, the next day i'm not. one minute i'm this oh-so-understanding gf, the next thing you know i'm this ultra demanding crouching-tiger-hidden-dragon gf. our relationship was on the rocks! then we decided to cool off. cool off was never an option for me. it's as good as breaking up, right? but hey! time can really give you light to clear up your head and think straight. so if you feel like you want to rip your gf/bf's head off, rip it! NUH! Decide to take some time off. CRY! WEEP! COURSE HIM! do whatever you prefer. And when the time is right, you'll be amaze at how your "better nature" can do. and so it goes... i was willing to end it all if that means happiness for both of us. but as crazy as lovers can go, we decided to give it a shot. he's working, i'm not. well, technically i'm not working... yet! so i have to accept all facts that goes along with it. so how should we cope with a changing bf? pour a cup of acceptance to your daily dosage of life and live happilly ever after... after a fight that is.;)
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