Have television, video games, and computers had a negative effect on reading?

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June 4, 2008 6:16am CST
Movies, television, and video games certainly have made entertainment much more graphics-oriented than text-oriented, as it was before the 20th century. But the printed word still reigns supreme as a conveyance of information. Literacy has never been higher around the world. Before the 20th century and its visual excitement, most people in the world could not read. If today’s youngsters do not read as well as those of the previous generation, the reason may be found in the manner of their upbringing and in their education. On the other hand, the Internet has boomed as a primarily text medium, and the growing popularity of e-mail is thought to be a positive influence on literacy.
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• India
5 Jun 08
well television and video games have definitely had a detrimental effect on the reading habits of children. But I don't agree that the computers are also responsible on the same count.With the advent of the internet, there are loads of opportunities to read books online,and that too quality books that many can't afford to buy.But computer has definitely altered the reading pattern among children from the printed paper format to the digital format.
• Singapore
4 Jun 08
Sure, I think so! I am speaking from personal experience here. But really, it is logical too - when you watch TV, use the computer or play video games, the time has to come from somewhere. And when you do all those things, there will be less time for reading.