The world's two fastest men from Jamaica!

@Sharon38 (1915)
June 4, 2008 7:23am CST
Maybe you will say that I am biased but honestly am not. Yes Asafa choked when it came to the time of delivery and he is still my guy. If the truth is to be told all of us have choked at a very important point in our life but people just wont admit it though. Anyways, Bolt now not only has broken Asafa's world record but has made a new one and the fact that he beat Tyson Gay made me realise that Asafa can achieve anything once he sets his mind to it and has the right mind attitude. As I have always said our attitude towards things and life in general can either break or make you and this is what happenned to Asafa. Dont get me wrong I love my guys? I love them so much that even when they fail they are still my guys because sometimes you win and sometimes you come second, third or even last. Well for me the excitement is to find out which of my guys are going to make a new world record. I am proud of them because they are Jamaicans and the greatest thing is that they do not need any pump up drug to make them run faster - the guys got it and no need to add anything just common practice as Bolt said and a good healthy lifestyle is all they need. Any way Asafa and Bolt whoever comes first or second you are all winnners to me and I do wish you all the best and I will be cheering from the internet or the Tv - depending on where I am on that day. All the best Afaster (Asafa) and Bolt (of lightning). I love them they are my guys!
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